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The Design and configuration is basic but powerful with battery-powered cases that are squeezed into the battery packaging. The installations are strong, and it doesn't move when being used. Filling is done through a limited vent at the top of the unit, which means you'll have to pry it open with a fingernail.

Much like its immediate rivals, the Remit pod has no terminating catch, essentially breathing in will actuate the warming component. Likewise like contenders, the tank just holds 1.2 ml of e-fluid. This may appear somewhat light, however in regular utilize it's ideal for the 10-15W

The Remit Pod is intended for MTL vaping, and the sweet spot is ideal for nicotine salts.

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A slim profile that is designed to fit into your hand effortlessly,
Utilizes color coded flavored pods to easily differentiate between e-juice flavors.
Firmware Upgradable with a hard reset feature, coil and short circuit protection.
Whether you prefer a long inhale or short puffs, the REMIT by Exempt will always satisy
Easily Charges in 45 minutes using a standard Micro USB
Features a triple coated gold connection point to ensure a consistent vaping experience
1.2 ml pod Utilizing a 1.5 ohm Stainless Steel CoilGet your today at www.remitpod.com

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